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At first glance any result can seem to be perfect, however, it will never be to your full satisfaction if it hasn‘t evolved from your very own wishes and needs. So therefore, what acutally is the key to perfection? Perfection can only be achieved through communication and understanding. These two aspects are inevitable in order to succeed with an accurate implentation of the clients ideas That is why we put a strong focus on working with you hand in hand as well as on taking care of the entire project. We will take over any task related to your project in order to make it as simple as possible for you, while aiming at achieving a perfect result.
Services in the area of architecture
Experience unique architecture in the 3rd dimension. We work with a clear structure and focus on incorporating the individual needs of our clients. We lay a strong focus on details and refinement in order to achieve a perfect result.
We are currently working as a small team , requiring a lot of determinitation and individual initiative from each member, especially in expanding and consolidating our client contacts. Therefore, we are currently not actively looking at taking people on. However, if you are interested in becoming a significant member of a determined team, and if you feel like you have the right qualities and experiences to add value to our team as well as support a company in its growing process, please feel free to send us your complete CV to : info@
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Enthroned above the Ruhr valley
Currently in execution. Scheduled completion in July 2022

State of the Art.
Currently in execution. Scheduled completion in June 2022